What do my clients say about me

The following testimonials are from My Fit Life Coaching clients. As you will see the outcome is rarely discussed in terms of what they have achieved in a physical sense. It is who they have become and who they are going to be that is celebrated. This is a core outcome of working with Nicky.

Life's a journey. Enjoy the ride!

My experience with Nicky has left me with a much clearer vision of the person I want to become and tools that have allowed me to continually craft out the positive habits that can allow me to reach my personal, professional and fitness goals.

- Andy C

The sessions with Nicky have been one of the most important investments I’ve made for my own personal development and mental health, and have truly changed the path of my life.  I would highly recommend My Fit Life to anyone looking for a way to take that extra step from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

 - Andy C

I gradually began to make more sense of my life, past, present and future. I can honestly say that my life has been enriched by the experience. I'm more confident, I'm happier, I'm more content and my relationships have blossomed. Thanks so much Nicky!

 - Becky B

My experience of coaching with you has been so enlightening.

You made it so painless for me to open up and reach parts of my mind I had suppressed for a long time and without repercussion. You have a wonderful and uncanny knack of teasing out words and allowing me to open up my mind’s eye where I felt so connected with the different situations and words that faced me during our time of coaching.

 - Juliet C

I lacked self-belief and confidence, worrying far too much about what others thought of me and was desperate to please..... I was skeptical about coaching and whether it could help me however after 4 sessions and with very clever questioning from Nicky I learnt to recognise that I really was good enough, I now have a clear view of my aims and how I am going to achieve them matched with self confidence and the belief to succeed.

 - Gemma C

I went places I never would have gone on my own..... Nicky's questions enabled me to come up with new ideas and developments I never would have thought of!

 - Catherine B

Am I right for you?

That is a great question. Don't take my clients comments for granted. Talk to me about what you want to achieve, change, create for yourself. Interviewing your coach is an essential part of the process.

Working as a Bravery Coach with @BraveYourDay

I also works with Brave Ideas, coaching as part of the Brave Your Day program.  For more information you can head over to Our Brave Ideas webpage to find out more.  On it you can view a testimonial from one my recent clients - Jill - feeling more empowered and confident in living & leading bravely as well as my own clip about why I coach and the part I play in this beautiful, brave organisation. Brave your day with Nicky as a coach

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