You only have one life

Rose Tremain says it perfectly.

Life is not a dress rehearsal…..

So what are you putting off until tomorrow? You have just one life, one beautiful life in which to have as much fun and adventure as you possibly can.

Why don’t you ask yourself this question right now. What is bubbling up for you, step past the thoughts of washing and bins and put the thoughts about work and to do lists out of the way. Concentrate on what puts LIFE into your day. Now what are you putting off?

It is an important question to answer. When I work with a client I want them to focus on filling their life with meaningful events and putting aside the gremlins that stop them from being intentionally happy. Lets face it coaching is all about the outcome. What you get from doing this deep work with me or another coach. Finding the right path to be truly happy right now and to work towards building a fulfilling and purposeful life.

I have worked with a number of clients and all of them have a different view on what their purpose is and even how to achieve that. Yet their starting point is similar. Many of them are walking someone else’s path….

Whose path are you following?

There are always two paths to follow. The pre-defined path, the one set out by ‘them’ society and others who you feel have your best interests at heart. Alternatively you can take the one less travelled, designed by you through the choices you make based on your values.

A coach will hold your hand along that less travelled path, allow you to stray in the comfort of your coaching space. Give you the freedom to explore the surroundings and grow your courage before taking a step.

It is good to have a map, but it is also good to explore unknown territory and fuel the soul. Remember you can be adventurous anywhere. Adventure is simply doing something different to what you normally do.

So the question is, Whose path are you following?

Doing what is easy or doing something exciting?

Sometimes easy is good – we need easy in our lives now and again. But easy and exciting don’t go hand in hand.

Working with a coach is about choosing the exciting path and leaving easy behind.

Do you want to live a full life. One that has many memorable moments that take your breath away. Moments that you share with the people who are important in your life – your family and friends. Moments that you share from your, proverbial, rocking chair and still laugh out loud to the scraps and scrapes you got into?

This life takes courage. I want to empower you to live this life. To say YES to your adventures, to tackle that bucket list you have coveted for years.

This life takes passion and commitment. It requires you to have a sense of purpose and to put in the hard yards. To get stuck in the messy moments and find your way through.

This life requires focus, it needs your attention, knowing when to say YES and in turn using No more. Dealing with that perfection and procrastination gremlin to find the energy and time to ‘just do it’.

This life needs you to look after yourself first.

It comes down to this

At the end of our lives we will only remember the good things, the epic adventures that took us out of our comfort zone and those unforgettable moments that we spent watching the stars with our loved ones.

It is my wish for you to create more of these moments, with or without a coach. It is my hope that you to step into your brave and beautiful life and find the freedom to put life into your days.

My motto is ‘Life is Journey, Enjoy the Ride‘ and this is exactly what I help people do.

Are you ready to live your courageous and adventurous life?

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