Step into a Fit Life

Living a Fit Life is not as complicated as you may think but it does take dedication and a little trial and error!

Living Fit for me is about a healthy balance of Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit – if I stay connected to each of these daily then I feel fit. So where do you start?


Sleep, natures remedy!  There is nothing more important than sleep for your body.  Amongst a number of benefits the primary one for me is is that during your slumber your body will actively repair itself and heal. It produces extra protein chemicals that increase your ability to fight infection and stay healthy.  It sounds so simple to say go to bed early, but try it for a few days during the week I know you will really benefit from those extra hours.


Stop multi tasking!  I have been reading a number of articles and blog’s recently about how multitasking is far from the efficient labour saving activity that we believe it to be.  There are also a number of interesting TEDtalks and articles that are trying to introduce us back to the concept of ‘mono tasking’.  Focused attention on one activity for a period of time, until it is finished is far more effective than juggling 3 or 4 at the same time.  You will also feel the sense of achievement at a job done rather than the frustration of not achieving anything you set out to do.


Be grateful.  “Gratitude is a way of experiencing life from the perspective of love, rather than fear”  Clare Josa – I use Clare’s definition as it says it perfectly.  At this stage we probably see gratitude as being thankful for something that we have received but in this context of Emotion it as actually something that we want to ‘be’ rather than something that we simply ‘do’.  Being grateful for what is around us and within us allows us to connect with our own lives and to see them as whole.  In my transformational year I started journalling and jotting down my gratitude everyday.


Build your sense of adventure and fun.  This was the one ingredient that provided me with a Fit Life, finding my spirit again helped me reconnect with my girls and first and foremost be the Mum I wanted to be. It also enabled me to set up my business alongside finding the time for adventure and challenge.   Each year I set myself something different achieve and in 2016 I cycled the Trans Cambrian Way with my husband – something that will tested my endurance and courage!  What I guess I am saying is my spirit is now running free.  To give you practical advice on how to free your spirit is not easy, we are all so very unique but in essence – work out what really matters to you most and go from there.

Where are you on your journey?

Take a look at the questions I ask my clients and be honest with where you feel you are right now – Where are you now?