Sport in the Spotlight

I am dedicated to supporting individuals to find their way to enjoy being more physically active, to be able to fit in regular exercise to achieve the recommended weekly guidelines and to really love doing it. Many of my clients understand that exercise is good for them, they know the benefits as well I do.  What stops most people though is a belief that they either, don’t have enough time or they are not good enough to start.

My coaching programmes focus on the inner game that we play, the one that keeps us stuck in the ‘I can’t justify the time’ loop of participation or the ‘I must be fitter, better, more skilled’ trap of getting started.  In order to better help my clients to get off the couch and get fitter I started to do a little research into what motivates and sustains us to exercise and play sport.

There are a number of studies that have been carried out over the last few years and in putting together this piece I want to share with you a couple from Women in Sport.  The first is ‘Understanding Women’s Lives – Re-designing and re-positioning sport and physical activity to engage women’ and the other is ‘What Sways Women to Play Sport?’ both review key elements that help sports promotors and coaches like myself to understand how to support, encourage and motivate more women to take part in sport and to create a balance to their healthy lifestyle.

Women in Sport –  there are currently 1.9 million fewer women than men playing sport once a week.

What I found interesting is the research on what influences Women to play and in their paper ‘Understanding Women’s Lives’ it outlines that it is not a lack of interest that stops us, but rather a complex set of values and our constant evaluation of priority and importance of those values in the bigger picture that is our lives.  No wonder we are exhausted when we think so holistically about everything we do!  No wonder I am a coach……

It was in reading these two papers that I found a few answers – as Women we care so much more about how sport and exercise makes us feel, it needs to fulfil more than just one value for us and that our pier groups of influencers and role models have a significant impact on what we do and how we go about it.

I wanted to help spread the word about what sports and exercise programmes are out there for you to try. I know the key to sustaining a fitness routine of any kind is in finding what you love, so I have asked a few people if they were willing to answer my questions about their sport the one that they really love.  I asked them to describe what they do and who they do it with, how they feel about it and what barriers they have to taking part.  There has been a great response and although at the moment it covers mostly running and cycling I am happy to say that there are more interviews to come in, covering Hockey, Netball, Kick-Boxing, Belly Dancing and so many more!

So dive in where you want, grab a cuppa and enjoy hearing all about how these women found the sport they love and how they find the time to fit it in around their very busy lives.  You will find mindful cycling, flexibility and relaxation through yoga and the freedom of trail running. Each interview strikes me with the honesty and the love that these ladies have for their sport and how being physically active has helped them live a fitter life.

Need more help to get started then give me a call, I offer a free 30 minute sample coaching session and you never know you could be working with me to design and plan your Fit Life.

Introducing Sports in the Spotlight


Off-road running is my sport – Trail Running by Anna

Running! – Completing my first marathon after only 2 years of running by Amanda


Road Cycling – Starting a new sport in my 60’s and why cycling hits the spot now by Maggie

Cycling – Meditation in Motion – How cycling can get you out of your head by Jackie


Fencing is my sport – My love of fencing came from University by Hannah


Mixing it up – Running, circuits and Yoga, How I found time to exercise in midlife by Claire

What Next?

If anything in these posts interests you then please get in touch with me or the clubs that are being promoted by the Women that Play.  I am also keen to hear from you if you do a sport or exercise that is not covered and would be interested in completing one of my interviews so that you can share your story with everyone.  Get in touch through my contact page.

Of course, if you are going to participate in a new sport please check with your doctor if you have any medical condition that could be aggravated by that sport.  It is also important that you start from the right place, so choose a beginners level or equivalent when starting out and go slow, speed and energy will increase quickly as you participate more and you will very quickly climb through the ranks.

More Motivation Please

Join My Fit Life Training Community >> If you are already on the road to training for an event or adventure then this group may be the just thing for you to keep motivated and stay in touch with other like minded people.  I offer lots of different advice and guidance as well as opening up discussions about training plans, nutrition and how to manage the mind games we play.

You are free to introduce yourself and the event or adventure you are training for as well as ask questions and pose thoughtful points for others to engage with.


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