Nominated for Active Business Women of the Year!

About 6 weeks ago I received the email telling me about my nomination.

I ignored it…..

I know, I ignored it!!

Now this wasn’t a ‘so what moment’, it was all down to being a little embarrassed by the attention it might give me. I was overwhelmed with pride that just ONE person thought I was worthy of this nomination and that was enough for me.

Roll on a few weeks and the nomination was brought up at the Maximise Network lunch (I attend the Cheltenham 2 sessions) I was again humbled by the attention but also thrown that they wanted me to start promoting it. Shouting about it. Getting votes!

This was a whole new ball game for me – promoting my business is one thing but promoting an award was another.

I had a whole new set of fears bubbling up around this.  What if the only person who thinks I am worthy of this award was the person who nominated me. What if I dive-bomb completely and get trolled across the internet for having the gaul to promote this. Shouldn’t I just leave it be and not tell anyone then no one will know and I can live quietly on.  Then the other doubts came – what if I am stood on a podium on the day and I have NO votes whatsoever!!

These thoughts crowded my head for days.

You will notice, by the way I am shouting about it now, I overcame my fears about telling everyone. Indeed the more people I told the more I was encouraged to share further. As the testimonials came rolling in I was even more overwhelmed. When you read about your efforts through the words of the people you serve it really is an honour.


Thank you to everyone who voted, supported and championed me this year. It is an honour to serve you and I am full of confidence to continue my work. Whether I win the award or not today, I am so very proud to be seen as worthy of the nomination.


Live Fit

Nicky x


Updated 11 December 

Well that was unexpected and wonderful!

The nomination was enough, and I was so proud to be recognised for what I have achieved this year. When the time came and my name was read out I was over the moon! Thanks to @Active Gloucestershire for sponsoring the award and to @Womens Business Club for the brilliant event.

Active Business Women of the Year  BoudaVida top


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Winner - Active Business Women 2017