New Year’s resolutions – What’s yours?


Is this a question you dread to hear………

Love them or Loath them; the time for setting a New Year’s resolution is nearly upon us. In just a few days we will sup our Prossecco and wax lyrical about what we are going to do in the coming year.

Resolutions such as; loosing weight, getting fit and eating healthy are among the most common, in-fact, according to a UK Government poll, these were the top three New Year’s resolutions in 2015.

You know there will be a media frenzy over the coming weeks, adverts from fitness centers & gyms, diet companies and health spa’s encouraging us to get out and get fit. In my previous life, I would have been sitting on the couch watching and waiting for the inspiration to kick in. Today I sit on the edge and wonder how I am going to respond to it all, sifting through the myriad of information that I want to share or be a part of.

Exercise needs to have a warning on it, a bit like buying a new puppy – fit for life not just for January!

So should we not aspire to set New Year resolutions and forgo the agony of stepping into a gym every 2nd of January.

With more than 60% of New Year’s resolutions broken before the end of the year and the majority falling by the wayside before January is out, it’s little wonder that many won’t even consider setting one.


Why bother setting a New Year’s Resolution?


It is no surprise that the default position these days is not to bother, some even making a New Year’s resolution to Not make a New Year’s resolution! I suppose they are at least guaranteed to achieve it by the end of the year.

Of course it doesn’t have to be that way; with a little thought and a little mind shift you can be one of the 40% of people successfully achieving New Year’s resolutions. You just have to get over yourself and think more carefully about what you set.

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t need to be sworn on the turn of the hour you know, there is no magic about setting your goal on that evening. Even though social norms and peer pressure perhaps suggest you do. You can buck the trend and be a bit of a rebel. I set my 2017 challenge back in September and my New Year’s resolution for another year living with gratitude started on Boxing Day simply because that is when I decided I wanted to make that commitment.

What makes a good New Year’s Resolution?


A good New Year’s resolution needs to be well thought through and have meaning for you. My Manager used to call it ‘having skin in the game’ if you didn’t have skin in the game you felt no pain and subsequently no pleasure either. If it is not personal and you are not passionate about it then it means nothing.

Here are the 3 stages to setting a New Year’s resolution.

Stage 1 – How to set it

  1. Stop trying to fix yourself – focus on a goal that will give you joy in both working toward it and achieving it. When you focus on fixing you are not looking at putting life in your day you are focusing on sapping the life from it.
  2. Get a little business-like about the goal: be SMART or even SMARTER when you set it. When you think about what you want to achieve check that it is Specific, that you can Measure your success, that you Agree it with yourself, that you are Realistic about what you can achieve, you put a Time Plan around it, that it’s Exciting – interesting, feels good and makes you happy! and of course Record it, write it down so that you can see it.
  3. Concentrate on Who you want to be at the end of the year. Follow Stephen Covey’s advice and ‘begin with the end in mind’ you should be able to visualise where you are at the end of the year and fix your goal more firmly in your mind.

Stage 2 – How to achieve it

  1. Break it down into bite size pieces and focus on how you are going to achieve it. Do something small everyday that will positively take you towards your goal. Consider what you already do that supports your goal – this all counts.
  2. Be Intentional: every time you step into an action towards your goal be the person you need to be to achieve it, even for only 5 minutes a day. As you practice being that person and stepping through the action, you embody what it takes to fulfill your goal.

Stage 3 – How to sustain your motivation

  1. Align your goals to what you value most in your life – when your resolutions are aligned with your values you will find they are hard to break. It’s in looking through this lens that you will find the motivation to sustain your action.

Here are three further questions to ask yourself about your resolutions. These offer you an insight into how your goal stands up to your idea about who you are and who you want to be.

  • What does this resolution say about you right now?
  • Who are you being when you set out to accomplish each action?
  • Where is this resolution taking you on your journey?


I suggest you continually review your answers as you go about taking your inspired daily actions towards your goal. Notice what comes up for you as you inhabit the character that accomplishes your goal.

When we step into being the person that achieves their New Year’s resolutions and have goals that are aligned to our values and were set using a little bit of SMART guidance, we are far more likely to sit in the 40% bracket.

The rest, as they say, is up to you….



If getting fitter is on your list of New Years Resolutions then why not download my Get Fit and Fit it all in workbook. It is a comprehensive guide to aligning your meaning for exercise with your time and lifestyle commitments in order to achieve your goal. Take the time to work through it and come back to me when you have a question.

I would love to hear what New Year’s resolutions you are setting and over in my ‘Loving Life and Living Fit‘ Facebook group we are discussing our New Years Resolutions so pop over and share what you want to work on this year.


When you are stuck over the next few weeks or even months then come back to me; I have many a tried and tested processes that I have used to get ‘unstuck’, as well as coaching tools that can support you more fully to live the life of your dreams.


Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year full of fitness and fun.


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