I changed my life with a step-by-step discovery of the transformative power of exercise and coaching. Reclaiming my energy, spirit and self-belief, I now help others to do the same. Here is my story…

Twelve years working at IBM and days had begun to blur into weeks, months into years and I couldn’t remember half of it. My baby girl had just turned 11 and was starting senior school. Time was flying past as I was becoming a workaholic, chocoholic and the first at the pity party!

I always listened to what others wanted me to do – how this next promotion or opportunity would be the making of me. It was time to develop a more rounded way of thinking.

So I asked myself – “Well, what did I want to do about it?”

My answer to that changed everything. I wanted to BE with my girls. I wanted to BE outside and free of the daily routine. Most of all I wanted to BE with people. My working world had become almost entirely virtual – just a voice on the end of a phone.

It took a monumental change to get out of that space, not knowing where to go for help. My first step, and one of the best things I ever did, was to turn to exercise. I’d used exercise before as a coping mechanism for stress and this time I turned to running.

Of course, the first few runs were horrible. I had played sports when younger but now I was carrying my baby weight and an inhaler. I eventually completed the Race for Life 5k; finally getting somewhere. Incredibly I have now completed 3 marathons – a long-held dream that I never believed possible.

Running gave me the opportunity to put the world into perspective. My asthma and stress levels improved. I was generally a more energetic, creative and nicer person to be around! I then found my true exercise love – cycling; all the challenge I craved with less strain on my body – a true win-win.

Now exercise was back in my life and it was essential to my wellbeing. I felt more in control and started looking for more.

In 2014, I met my first coach, Ronnie, undertook her Authentic Leadership course and felt as if she ‘unfolded’ my mind. I started to unpick belief systems created by years of self-neglect. I opened a power within me to choose; moving from DOING to BEING. With further self-development, I had to let go of things that had once been so ingrained. I learned gratitude and patience, with others, but mostly with myself.

Finally I was starting a true Fit Life and I wanted to help others do the same.

The final step was to leave the safety of my career with a 6 months sabbatical. As well as lots of cycling in the Cotswolds, I learnt about being my own boss, improved my life coaching skills and qualified as a coach. Practical skills also helped me to re-discover the final ingredient for my Fit Life – spirit of adventure.

When we step out of our comfort zone we are able to learn so much more about ourselves. It was in these moments, living through adventures, that I reclaimed my soul.

With My Fit Life Coaching, I want to help you to design your own Fit Life, one that you want to live and to be proud of. Every journey is different. Step off the complaining train with me and we can discover how to reclaim your spirit, energy and truly live your Fit Life.

Where are you now?

Be Curious : Be Courageous : Be Adventurous