#MoveMore This Summer

This Month I have been encouraging people to simply Move More. To get out and enjoy the outdoors and do whatever takes your fancy.  No agenda, No rules and certainly no checking or tracking.


We constantly put pressure on ourselves to ‘Lose Weight’ or to ‘Get Fit’ but rarely have a good reason to ACTUALLY do it, other than a media fuelled representation of what we SHOULD look like or conform to – such as a holiday body.  Even if we do have a good reason like better health (avoiding heart disease or diabetes) they are still not strong enough motivators to start and sustain an exercise programme.

So what am I trying to do – to be honest I am trying kick start your motivation and introduce you to a new habit, one that over time will lead to you living a fitter life and maybe reaching that goal of losing weight….. however I am doing it from the slow road.

It is all about motivation and sustainability, we force ourselves to start mad training regimes to drop a dress size, we eat nothing but salad for a fortnight so we can go on holiday and wear a bikini! These efforts are hard work, sufferable and quite frankly make us miserable. We rarely (ok NEVER) stick at them for longer than the actual holiday itself and are we really satisfied with the outcome anyway?  I suspect not….

So instead I want to encourage people to join me on the slow road, simply Move More than you did yesterday, more than that I want you to find things that you really love doing and do more of it.  Ditch what you can’t stand, choose lots of different ways to move and find the ones you love and do them more.

Could it be so simple?

Well ok, you are not going to win a gold medal at the Olympics simply by moving more this summer and the bikini body is not going to hone itself in a few simple dance moves with the girls, however….. the more you move the more energy you will have and it is surprising what can happen next. Firstly with that re-newed energy comes greater opportunities to do more of what you love and not just in movement but in creating space for you to develop in other areas of your life, simply freeing up time to think is enough to take new steps.

The other rather marvellous effect is it creates a ripple for other good habits to start, this is because physical exercise is a ‘keystone habit‘ one that supports you in eating healthier, creating opportunities to think clearly, giving you breathing space that leads to less stress and of course the one we all want, it can lead to better weight management and eventually weight loss.

So how are you going to move more this Summer?

What could you try this month that kick-starts that love for the outdoors again?

The best advice I can give is to take a step back to a time when you simply loved to move for the sake of movement.  That could be your childhood, haring about on bikes, gliding along on roller skates or climbing trees!  It could be when you were in your early teens and found friendship and camaraderie on the netball court or at the tennis club.  It could be the first time you laced up a pair of running shoes after a busy day at work and fell in love with the gentle footfall of your feet on the trail as you left your busy day behind and spent a glorious and peaceful hour simply to yourself.

It really doesn’t matter what it is, just know that as long as you are moving IT COUNTS, It all counts, from your walk to the shop to your run in the park, from unpacking the shopping after you have carried it out of the car to digging the weeds in the garden.  It is DOING IT THAT COUNTS.

Still stuck on what to try first, I have put some ideas down for you to think about, some are obvious ideas but others not so.

What can you do?

Walk and talk: There is nothing more restrictive than a desk or a meeting room, if you are tied to your phone for work then how about taking it with you on a walk.  Some meetings and discussions can benefit with you being away from your desk and all its distractions. I spent 17 years working for IBM and I know how the demands of your laptop and your phone effect your ability to move. Walking and talking enabled me to be more present in these conversations and stretch those stiff limbs into action at the same time.  If you are meeting face to face with someone and you don’t need to sit and stare at a screen together or over paperwork then do the same.  Find somewhere you can walk and talk with a place to stop, sit and jot your notes.  It can work wonders for your body as well as your mind.

Early morning bed stretch: This recommendation is from the fabulous Debbie @BacktoToes who I visit regularly for a sports massage.  Before getting out of bed simply stretch, start from your toes and work your way up, gently mobilising each joint and breathing life into your muscles.  In less than 10 minutes you can be stretched and ready to go and all this in just your PJ’s!   If you want a little more than simple mobilisation then take a look at these 10 stretches recommended by Total Womens Cycling – adapt and adopt what works for you right now.

Take the long route to work or school: What can you do to add 5 minutes walk to either side of your daily commute?  Park a little further away, find a longer route to your destination, build a walk into your morning routine before you head off for work or make a special trip to pick up the paper or the milk rather than dropping in on the way home.

Join a team or a club: Gym membership is an obvious one for many, but in my experience it is not always the one that sticks, however if you find a club that reflects your love of a sport then that opens up a whole new world. Cricket, Tennis, Squash and Netball clubs are just a few opportunities that are open you to you.  You will be surprised how many are now offering programmes to encourage you to come back to the sport you loved as a youngster.  It doesn’t matter you haven’t played for years as they will support you to ease back in, start slowly and give yourself chance to learn the movements again – it will soon come back.

Take a dog for a walk: If you are a pet owner then it is likely you are moving anyway but tell me, do you bend and pick up the ball or do you have one of those ‘stick’ things to do it for you?  Do you go to the park or the field and let the dog do the walking whilst you do the waiting?  Notice the next time you go and think about how you could get more movement into those walks, it doesn’t need to be much at first walk an extra field or bend a little more than yesterday.  If you are not a dog owner but like the idea there are sites on the internet now that enable you to ‘Borrow My Doggy‘  we even have a local pub near us that happily loan out the ‘pub dog’ for walks.  Just take care of the mess ok….

Actively wait: Do you find yourself waiting for your children at the park playing football or whilst they do their gymnastic / jujitsu / drum lesson? Why not actively wait for them next time. Walk the pitch and cheer them on rather than stand on the sideline or wait in the car or find a nearby park to amble around while they are taking part in their class. This doesn’t have to be alone either, how many other parents are waiting patiently as well.

Simply play: When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it?  Usually it would have been the last holiday or camping trip when you played frisbee or french cricket.  But why wait for a holiday, get the water pistols out in the back garden and give everyone a soaking, get your skates on and go to the local roller disco, grab the frisbee and head to the park – it doesn’t need to be organised and so much the better if it’s not. If you have children they will think you are either mad or amazing (probably a little bit of both) but it’s not just little kids that love to play games your friends will enjoy this just as much.

Dance to your favourite tune on the radio, Spend time in the garden digging, pruning & planting, Do a 15 minute yoga session or an exercise DVD – there are so many more you could come up with I am sure.


A simple recap; Move More, take any and every opportunity to move.  Do what you love and ditch what you don’t.  Try new things, you will either love them or hate them, either way it doesn’t mater as you ditch what you don’t love.  Have fun simply trying and encourage others around you to have fun with this too.


Still finding it hard to get motivated or struggling to fit what you want to do into your life, then give me a call.  My consultations are free and I looking forward to listening to where you are now and to help you find the path to your Fit Life.


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I have read a number of different book and articles that have inspired me to write this blog and encourage every one to #MoveMore this month I would like to recommend one book in-particular as it aligns so much with my thoughts and feelings on this subject.  If you want to read more then pick up Michelle Segar’s book No Sweat.