Do you want to get fit again?

Download your personal guide and planner to finding your love for exercise and fitting it all in.

The workbook is broken down into 5 components.

  • Discover your meaning for exercise
  • Set a goal
  • Understand your current lifestyle & time commitments
  • Design your personalised plan aligned with your goal
  • Create the habit of celebrating every day!

Each one providing an essential ingredient in finding the freedom to exercise and still maintain a balance with what is important to you.

Enjoy the process, explore the benefits you feel from exercise and your reasons for wanting to be fit and healthy again. Take the time to think about what stops you and what keeps you going and when you create your plan consider how you are going to overcome obstacles knowing that about yourself.

Finally celebrate whatever you find out about yourself and every small step you take to get fit.

What if I need help!

Do you have a question, need help with understanding an exercise in the workbook or are you struggling with the call to action for yourself.

Please get in touch when you need my support. It could simply be a question of clarity, a bit of motivation or a good ear... whatever you need please connect.

Below are a few options that others have used - feel free to explore.

Need a helping hand?

Book your free 1:1 consultation and find out how working with me could make all the difference to Living Fit.



Need more information!

How do you transform your choices about exercise? Can you really go from loathing to loving it in one step. Read my blog on 'How to change exercise from a choice to a chore!'

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Need a breakthrough!

Book a one off session. In this coaching session we will kickstart your Living Fit campaign, breakthrough what is stopping you and leave you with strategies to say Yes! to living your fit life.