Banish your fitness gremlins.

I know you are reading this with one eye scanning for the ‘ultimate’ tip that will get you fitter quicker.  It’s ok to admit that. I am exactly the same. Wanting a magic wand is perfectly normal. We want to get to our end state, in this case ‘feeling fit’, in an instant.

This post is my way of giving you that helping hand. I will take you through a few ideas that will get you thinking about exercise differently and in the long run trying out new things.

When you get to the end I have a question for you, the answer to which could be the magic wand moment you are looking for.

For support on how to ‘Get fit and fit it all in‘ you can download my workbook and receive weekly tips on how to live fit.

How do I know this will work.

Mandela Quote

The truth is I don’t know if any of this will work for you. You are not my client yet, so we haven’t been through your story. I know nothing of your situation or circumstances. There has been no challenging moment to open your eyes to your strengths and we haven’t danced through all the different options that you have open to you.  What I do know, is that it is absolutely possible for anyone to get fit and love it.  The challenge, indeed the adventure is in finding what you enjoy doing most and creating a habit that sustains you for the rest of your life.

I hope that there is something here for you at. Play with the ideas and only dismiss them when you have tried and failed a few times.


My Fit Life : Top tips for banishing the exercise gremlin.

Focus on taking one step at a time. You can combine some of these things of course. Finding a friend to help and joining a club could be one and the same thing. Have fun, don’t take things too seriously and if you need any help give me a call.

Find out what you love doing that gets you moving : You may already know this; you may love walking or gardening. You may enjoy running or ice skating. So if these are available to you set about finding the time and the opportunities to get back into it. This workbook can help with planning your routine. If you are not sure what you like these days then grab a pen and paper. Spend a bit of time simply jotting down all the things that you think you might enjoy.  Be Curious about what you could love. Write it down even if it’s something wild and crazy or out of your comfort zone – ahem zip wire or go ape come to mind.  When you are finished circle the ones that are possible, the ones that make you smile and the ones that you can try tomorrow. The next step is to start.

Set a smaller target to reach : When we come back to exercise or sport we often set ourselves a target to reach. If, like me, you go back to running you will still think like your 20 year old self but be in the body in a 30 ish year old mum of two. So set a target that takes into account your current situation. I want you to feel accomplished the first time you go back to your sport. As Martyn Court suggests in his goal setting model: aim for ‘absolute certainty of outcome’ but with ‘infinite possibility’.

Read about my decision to run a Marathon after years of not exercising.

Find a friend who will help : Friends can be our best supporters when getting fit. If you have friends who already exercise and love to do what they do, then ask them to help you. They will advise on where to go as well as taking you with them on your first outing. Keep yourself in check though, be honest about whether the sport they do is right for you. Sometimes you can get dragged along on their coat tails only to find the motivation is not there to continue. Ask questions about what they do before you go along. Find out for yourself about the class or group. Be open about giving it a try and don’t feel guilty if it’s not for you.

Join a club or community : The most popular way to get started is to join a club or a community. It’s also one of the best ways to ensure you stick at something. As you make friends and get into a habit you find it much harder to drop out. I know from personal experience. Joining my local running club gave me a purpose to get out each week. It helped me squash the procrastination gremlin that lurks within.

Try something new :  Bored, bored, boring….. I can hear your inner chatter from here. I don’t know what I can do! You don’t want to run – boring and just too horrible to contemplate, you don’t want to cycle – too many cars on the road and what a faff. You hated playing hockey or netball at school and your not going to try now. So find something new. Something different. There really is something out there for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a little imagination and a bit of research. #ThisGirlCan have put some of the hard work in for you with their Activity Guide. Take a peak and then have a look in your local area for activities.  If you are in Gloucestershire then take a look at the ‘Active Gloucestershire’ website and their #GlosGirlsCan campaign.

Set aside time each day just for you : This doesn’t have to be for exercise. Seriously think about spending time on yourself each and every day. 10 minutes can be enough. When we rush around being busy all day we are never going to notice how good fit feels. Allowing our bodies and minds to reboot gives us a sense of freedom. It allows us to re-focus our energy on what is important and what is possible.

Busy be damned – Slow things down.

How?  Grab a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy it. Get outside and just breath for a few minutes. Take your yoga mat (or a towl) and stretch out on the floor. Go for a walk and take in the sights around you. If you find relaxing in this way difficult then set your mind to a small, but specific task – think of 3 things you are grateful for today.

Ditch the ‘shoulding’ : The way we talk about exercise and fitness needs to change. Make a stand now to notice the language you use. Statements like: I should get fit, I must get fit, I have to get fit, I don’t feel like it, I won’t be any good, I can’t find the time; creates barriers. If we continue to use this language we eventually build a wall around us that is 10ft high. This cycle perpetuates our inactivity as it doesn’t create enough energy for change or action.

‘Everyday I am learning how good fit feels’

How? Time for pen and paper again. Write down all the ‘should’s’ and must do’s’ in your life; then next to each one write an affirmation that will take you to action. From this point on get ready to notice how often they show up and switch the wording to the new ‘I am’ statement.

Sleep Natures Remedy : Sleep is the most important element of living fit and loving it. You know you can’t have it all one way.  To feel fitter you have to address your sleep routine and how you rest. I wrote a short blog about this recently titled Sleep ‘Natures Remedy’ focusing on how you can improve your sleep.

#JFDI :  Yes you heard me right.  Just ***** do it. Although this only works if you are the type of person that responds to a cold hard dose of reality. Not everyone can force themselves to do it, but if this is you and you work well with a bit of a ‘Pep Talk’ then set to it. Working in this way relies on knowing your strengths and playing to them. Sometimes a cold and calculated kick can be the one thing to get you started. Although you will need to combine this with a more long term motivational strategy to ensure you continue moving in the right direction.

#JFDI has its limits and needs a supporting strategy.



Magic Wand Moment

Here it is the question I said would make the difference to you.

It’s a question I use often when my client is ready to make a commitment, when we have worked through the reality and the options of a goal.

Knowing what you know now, what one thing could you do today to take you one step closer to your fit life?

There it is – making the decision on which action to take is the quick fix, magic wand moment.  Why? because it gets you started and the quicker you take action the closer you are to loving life and feeling fit.


Although a word of warning, it may be the magic wand moment but there is something you need to know about magic…. it takes a great deal of effort and energy to make sure the spell works. You also have to believe that it can be done. Without truly knowing this you just have a stick and you’ll just use that stick to beat yourself up.


For support on how to ‘Get fit and fit it all in‘ you can download my workbook and receive weekly tips on how to live fit.


I would love to hear how you get on with these tips.  What really worked for you and how are you loving feeling fit now. Equally if nothing worked and you are still standing at the start of your fitness journey then give me a call. Maybe there is something still blocking you from getting up and getting going. I would be happy to help you.