Living fit is more than a physical feeling, it's a state of mind

My Fit Life Coaching specialise in supporting professional women to live fitter and braver lives. To find the freedom to take control of their work environment, give priority to their personal space and to set exciting new challenges and goals.

Please feel free to explore, download the workbooks, read the blogs and get curious about where life could take you.

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What will it take for you to live your courageous and adventurous life, to be in good health and know you are enough to achieve your dreams and goals?

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I want to get fit for summer

Learn 'how to get fit and fit it all in' with my free workbook. Simply click on the link to download the workbook and access motivational tips for Living Fit.

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What Nicky's client say about her

Find out what Nicky's clients say about working with her. Learn more about who they have become to achieve their goals and dreams to live fit.


The sessions with Nicky have been one of the most important investments I’ve made for my own personal development and mental health, and have truly changed the path of my life.  I would highly recommend My Fit Life to anyone looking for a way to take that extra step from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

A word about living fit...

You know that being physically active is important to your physical health and mental wellbeing. It fosters creativity, enables clarity of thought & focus and builds resilience. You may also know that being outdoors and simply being active supports your mental health more than any other prescribed medication on the market.

It's not just about keeping physically active though. It's building your self-confidence, and inner resources. Having a sense of purpose and feeling fulfilled. Creating time for connection with family and friends, as well as personal growth and being adventurous.

You may know all this yet still not get the time to do what you want about it.

It's not because you are lazy or lack motivation either. Sometimes busy just gets in the way of everything. Sometimes your work, eat, sleep routine is so hectic that nothing else can find a way in.

Living Fit is a challenge we all face. Let me know how I can help you be fit for life.


To support you in designing and living a fit life that takes advantage of what you already have and focuses your energy where you want it to be